Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Days Never Cease to Amaze

Assignment: Twitter Founders (Evan Williams and Biz Stone)
Client: Time Magazine
Photo Editor: Amy Hoppy
Photo Assistants: Ricardo Richey and Dawn Pavli

The assignment was to photograph the Twitter guys for the Time 100 issue. Despite the 80 mph winds on the roof shot, no catastrophes had in our 5 sets in one hour frenzy. And the fellas were more than lovely. We even spoke in 140 characters or less. Turn profile had to be reduced to "tofile" and other forms of reduction bred a new school form of internet patois, or netois if you will.  Packin up the gear to get some much needed grub. Elevator broken. Gotta come back in an hour. No way in hell we are taking all this gear down from the 4th floor. Cesar salad, glass of red, arrive back at location. P Diddy is in the building. P Diddy is in the elevator. Rob Diggah has no shame in her game. Feels like the good ole days of stalking at ksol.

Exsighting. Diddy even tweeted the pic for his nearly 1 million followers. Thanks for letting me get my paparazzi on. With much thanks to Alan, the elevator repair man / partner in crime, and Dawn with the magliner and undercover reporting.  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Image hits the Newshour

Assignment: Michelle Rhee, DC Education Chancellor
Photo Editor: Dietmar Liz-Lepiorz
Assistants: Gerard Gaskin and Aurelie Graillot

Last November I was assigned by Dietmar Liz Lepiorz at Time Magazine to photograph DC education chancellor Michelle Rhee. 

A secondary image ran inside. The shot of her hands crossed was originally in the magazine. A few hours before press, they decided to go with a "softer" look, so used the head shot. (They left the desk shot on the website).

But it was the cover image that seemingly incited a controversial response, that even got a little time on the Newshour May 5. Here's a nice bootleg clip.

Can you blame it on the image?
Did the photograph really have the effect of demoralizing the teachers? 
Or did the image reinforce already negative feelings the community had and give them ammunition to interpret it with bias? 

And just for the record, here is another shot that didn't make the magazine. And I don't think seeing this image would have won the teachers over to Michelle Rhee.

What would they be saying if Time ran this one? 


And now for my fave, and quite frankly the most honest...