Friday, February 5, 2010

This is Not a Weave

Growing up in a hair salon I would often find a safe place to wait for my mom to finish her up-do's, perms and "sets." That safe place was usually under a blow dryer, looking through magazines. Since then, I've always been attracted to heat, magazines and hair. So, last month, when I was getting my groove on in a crowded club and felt hair in back of me, near my thigh (?), I turned around to check the goods. And booyah, there was my next subject - with hair down to her calves, Jenny Mesoga. The sweetest young lady who not only posed in the freezing cold for a strange photographer who has a fascination with hair, but also climbed that tree in her 3 inch heels (of course my favorite was the simpler one). Now that is true collaboration.

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